Need a Financial Controller?  Can’t justify paying someone full time?

We have worked in different sectors with different challenges that have given our team a multitude of Financial Controller experience. We want to use this experience to benefit small businesses with a turnover of £1 to £6 million. The business may continue to use the book keeper or accounts clerk they have, but benefit from a “part-time financial controller” coming in anything from twice a week to once a quarter, to give support and advice to staff and directors.

What the service offers:

  • Detailed Business Plans
  • What if analysis
  • Forecasting
  • Budgets
  • Cost control
  • Cash flow management
  • Regular financial reporting
  • Speaking and dealing with auditors.

What are the benefits for you?

  • Saves money on Financial Controller/Director salaries
  • Gives support to current accounting staff.
  • Offers financial training and understanding to staff
  • Greater control on your finances.
  • Increased detail and knowledge to aid decision making.

What is forecasting and why is it important?

Forecasting is basically accounting for the future using previous sales/cost trends.

By forecasting you are giving your business a path to follow in order to make profits and grow.

Does your company need:

  • Greater control of finances.
  • Increased awareness of available resources.
  • Quicker reaction to changes.
  • Calculations on the profitability of potential new projects/products.

At Et Voila we excel in providing both cash flow and profit and loss forecasts for your business, and help you to implement them within your company.  We work with you and your employees to ensure accurate forecasts are made, and that everyone understands their role in achieving the profits expected.